Our Services

Receive the benefits of weekly remote group healing for yourself and loved ones, or choose one or two monthly sessions of healing, shamanic counseling, energywork, custom guided meditation, and all the other offerings. Support trauma-relief around the world by helping to sponsor a community auricular acupuncture clinic for health, wellness and peace. Rest in the comfort of regular care.


Subscription-based Healings, Meditations, and Clinic Sponsorship through Patreon

Airbnb "Experiences"
A way to connect locally while you travel globally.

Through Airbnb, a company you may know for rentals, you can now choose activities in the places you travel. It is like having your own local friend as a guide and provides a chance to learn something new. I have several Experiences for you to choose from such as yoga or qi gong in nature, tarot exploration class, ceremony on the beach, night sky sound meditation, or assisting one of the local healing circles.