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Energywork,   Shamanic Healing,   Five Element Acupuncture,   Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Support  &  Integration

Baja Sur, Mexico overlooking the healing waters of the Gulfo de California (Sea of Cortez)

Michelle Ava

Baja Sur, MX / Oregon, USA


"First, it was her acupuncture that helped release me from the throes of PTSD. Then, her work has helped me maintain a new calm, and released stored stress and their physical ailments. Most recently, she assisted me as I journeyed deeply with the help of mushrooms. Though dark and difficult, I felt safe going where the medicine led. [Aria's] steadfast comfort and solidarity was just what I needed, and after, her tools for integrating the experience were spot on and very helpful."

Pamela Goddard

New York, USA 


"I appreciate how the [acupuncture] treatments build on each other. I immediately noticed a positive change in my energy level - an uplift of my spirits and feeling of well being."

Fall Garden near Ithaca, New York healing retreat
California Sunset on the beach healing ceremony

Brian Surks

California, USA


"Aria does amazing work! Her intuition and ability to treat are superb. The results of her treatments were so inspiring that I also made her my teacher in hopes of learning some of her skills. I miss having her in my neighborhood. I could only pick three top attributes so I will add Personable here. I immediately felt comfortable with her."

Hannah von Harrings

Ohio, USA


"Aria is a powerful, intuitive healer with a plethora of healing techniques. She is a safe, compassionate and  trustworthy conduit. Her shammanic journey session helped me to prepare for an upcoming plant medicine ceremony, offering valuable and prescriptive instructions. She is patient and communicates clearly. I am grateful for her profound journey work and look forward to future sessions."

The protective, grounding of Oak trees in Ohio
Oregon Coast retreat site for shamanic and energy healing

Robin Ochoa

Oregon, USA


"Aria is a very gifted healer and I am very grateful that I have found her! I have been working with her for a few months now as I face some major health issues. She has many tools in her healers tool bag that she is very skilled at employing. I have had some enlightening shamanic sessions as well as some wonderful energy work done. Aria is understanding and compassionate and is ready to answer any questions that may arise during a session."

Michael Castine

Florida, USA


"Aria is an excellent acupuncturist. She has both a superior knowledge of acupuncture principles and methodology and the critical listening skills necessary to provide the best treatment. Aria is caring and dedicated, and is strongly recommended as an exemplary acupuncture practitioner."

Alachua County, Florida hiking and meditation site
Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon near the acupuncture office

Mary Tierney

Oregon, USA


"Aria is pure magic. I have worked with her for several years. Currently utilizing her remote shamanic counseling.  I am so grateful that she is working remotely, as I have never been able to find anyone with her talent, intuition and psychic skills.  She truly is one with the universe." 

Vada Dunford

Alaska/Washington, USA


"I didn't believe in acupuncture until I started seeking treatment with Aria. I saw her for both emotional and physical health. I was surprised in the amount of improvement within myself after just one visit. It is obvious to me that Aria is well-educated, experienced and offers a wide range of services catered to each individual that seeks treatment from her. I highly recommend her services!" 

Alaska Mountains healing hike
Healing Eucalyptus Trees in San Diego, California

Elise Pinôn

California, USA


"I enjoyed how each [acupuncture] treatment had a different feeling/effect. I noticed I felt lighter, happier, able to observe emotions instead of being controlled by them, and more energized. Going forward I think I will have better balance internally and externally and find joy. I appreciated that Aria was very gentle...and had a very relaxing and grounding presence."

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