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Fundamentals of Shamanism: Experiential 2-Days 

Shamanic  Journeying is the key element of  shamanic practice wherever it is found, worldwide and throughout time. Journeying is the core of this two-day class. Available Online, In-person, or Hybrid. Check below for dates or Contact Me. Also see About Shamanism.

Shamanic journeying is the core technique of Shamanism during which the practitioner obtains help from allies by traveling in a trance state to the shamanic realms sometimes thought of as other layers of reality. Using drumming, rattling, movement, and various methods of sonic driving to achieve a state of shamanic consciousness, these ancient methods allow contact and interaction with personal spirit allies. Formerly many cultures limited the practice to traditional shamanic healers, while now journeying to the spirit world is understood to be a basic human ability. It is accessible to most people given appropriate training and guidance. In this intensive two-day workshop, participants will learn to journey to their spirit allies in order to solve personal problems and help others. 


Your instructor, Aria Walker, is a shamanic healer with over three decades of experience and a teacher in multiple types of healing work. She works intensively with students to ensure a quality learning experience. She also teaches more advanced methods of journey work, such as the Sami walking journey, and some additional ways of journeying may be taught as time and class structure allow.


Participants in the workshop will learn how to recognize the shamanic state of consciousness; how to safely journey to the various realms of spirit in lower and upper worlds; how to find spirit helpers; how to work with spirit helpers to gain insight and solve personal problems; and how to help another person by consulting spirit helpers. By the end of the typical introductory workshop, the average student is doing journey work with verifiable results and gaining knowledge for themselves and their fellow students that they have no access to in ordinary waking consciousness. 


The workshop begins the first day with a lecture and discussion regarding the origins, distribution, history, and methods of traditional shamanic practices worldwide. The book Shamanism by anthropologist Piers Vitebsky is recommended as background reading for this discussion. Aria will also discuss the importance of these practices for healing and personal growth and will share her own introduction to the path before turning to the acquisition of basic journeying skills and access to the lower, middle, and upper worlds of traditional shamanic cosmology. 


This workshop, or its equivalent, is a prerequisite for more advanced shamanism courses taught by Aria or other instructors within the Church of Earth Healing, including Circle of the Ancestors; Rooted in the Heart, Seeded in the Soul (shamanic herbalism); Drumming in the Temple; Bear Medicine and Magic; Opening the Shamanic Voice; To The Waters and the Wild; Singing Wolf, Listening Deer; Shamanic Rattle and Tool Making; and the series Elementals in Shamanic Practice. You need not have studied with Aria to participate in advanced workshops, but you must have good journey skills and strong connections with allies. 


The two-day Fundamentals course costs $150 if registered by the early registration deadline, or $200 after the deadline. Due to the high level of individual attention involved, participation is currently limited to eight students. This class will be Online with a possibility of in-person attendees. The link will be sent when you register. Participants will need a journal or notebook, and a scarf, shawl, or bandana.


Be prepared to spend the majority of each day in class and afterward focused on integrating class material and insights. Times will be determined by availability based on participants' time zones.


For more information, respond directly with questions here,

To enroll, email or contact Aria at (971) 405-4050. 

You can also enroll online, subject to enrollment approval.


Remaining Dates - by request

The current proposed dates are all weekends.

Some people may need a different set of days. Please let me know.

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