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Rev. Aria Walker, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.Ac.

Healing Craniosacral Therapy
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Holding Hands Counseling
Fire Ceremony Shaman
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Aria offers transformational Healing work founded in ancient and modern healing traditions from around the world. Her work is informed by her master's degree in Five Element Acupuncture and over 30 years of shamanism and other healing arts. For your healing session, she connects with nature, your energetic fields, and the realms of spirit to provide

  • earth-based shamanism,

  • energy-based healing (such as Reiki),

  • empathic insights,

  • deep meditations,

  • and Five Element Acupuncture.

Meditation Nature

Deep Listening, another service offered by Aria, provides that peace and inner connection you feel when you are truly heard on all levels with a non-judgmental empathy and open heart. Aria brings decades of experience and training including crisis intervention, hospice care, grief processing, and wellness support. In Deep Listening sessions, you have the safe space to share, explore, and process all of life’s experiences. The sessions can

  • cleanse your emotions,

  • relax your mind,

  • open fresh perspectives,

  • inspire creativity,

  • and provide a path to new solutions in life.

It is not psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or psychiatry, rather, it is the gift of being felt, seen, and heard while going deep within being grounded and centered with somatic awareness.

Patients and clients over the years have called Aria's work the "Touch of a Healer", saying they experienced something beyond any one modality or style. She brings you this unique blend of work through online and in-person sessions. Receiving your own Healing or Deep Listening sessions also supports free and donation-based clinics for trauma-relief to those in need.

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